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Below is a feedback from "Life Insurance Sales Lead" form.

ABCLeads.Com Life Insurance Lead Reference Number: Life - 4812 Lead
Generated on January 19th, 2002 13:58:19

first_name: Mary
last_name: Parker
type_insurance: term
tobacco: No
sex: female
who: self
rated: No
term_type: 20YrTerm
how_much: 250,000
addr1: 654 Smith St.
city: San Diego
state: CA
zip: 24540
dayphone: 858-553-1654
evephone: 654-547-8465
bday_mo: 05
bday_day: 21
bday_yr: 1971
current_payment: No
payment_frequency: Select
height: 5 feet
weight: 110
heart_or_cancer: no
take_meds: no

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