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Terms and Conditions


  • EMAILING OF LEADS – PLEASE NOTE ALL LEADS are sent via email. It is part of the functionality of our system. However, once we send the email, we no longer have any control on what happens after that. We will not be held accountable for email systems that we have no control over. There are many entities involved in email from the host providers – internet access companies – all on down the line right to your own computer. There are many mechanisms along the way that can block an email from getting to its intended destination. As the vigilance against spam has intensified, many legitimate messages are blocked as well.

Because of this, we urge all customers to log into their accounts. This is the best way to ensure you get your leads in a timely manner. Please note, you must check your account for new leads and ABCLeads will not issue credit for any leads submitted under the pretense of  “did not receive via email.”

  • SUBMITTING LEADS FOR CREDIT – As our leads are live, we understand you will receive the occasional bad lead. Please remember that all bad lead submissions must be done within 30 days of the date the lead was generated and can only be submitted via your login area. Leads may not be submitted for credit over the phone or by email. For both Home Improvement and Insurance leads, if the contact data provided is verified on, it would appear the lead is valid. For Home Improvement only – the prospect must own the home or is intending on purchasing the home and the prospect is seeking assistance with the product you sell. For the Insurance Industry, the prospect’s health, age and income must all fall within criteria that would be acceptable to any underwriter. Submitting leads for credit is very easy. Simply find the lead in question from within your account. Over towards the right there will be a link Report (ex)LIF49828 As Bad. Click on the link, complete the drop down box, and put a small description in the next box and hit Submit. Please note that due to the variety of systems used, email addresses are not considered part of the lead’s contact information when determining if the lead is bad due to “bad contact” information. In fact, we do not guarantee the inclusion of an email address with the lead.
  • “ACCEPTING” LIVE LEADS – Please note, you must accept all live leads sent to you. If a lead is bad, you can submit it for credit, however you may not, nor could you ever, “Reject” a lead.
  • Payments Made with Credit Cards – Buyer fully understands and agrees that when paying for leads with a credit card, that any and all credit card payment transactions certifies that the leads have been delivered as represented by seller, and that payment is due, and is being made. A transaction made via credit card is FINAL and is an admission by buyer that the leads were in fact delivered, as represented and properly invoiced for.

Buyer agrees that under no circumstances will they file credit card disputes for credit card charges they have authorized to pay for leads purchased from seller. All payments made via credit card are made by buyer with the full understanding that payments of this nature canot be reversed, disputed, or other wise taken back by any means.

  • DISCONTINUATION OF SERVICE BY THE CUSTOMER – Anytime you would like to stop your participation in the service, just click on the link Stop Service on the right side of your account. Complete the short form and hit Submit. By doing this, all pertinent departments will be notified and whatever funds are due you will be refunded that day.
  • DISCONTINUATION OF SERVICE BY ABCLEADS – ABCLeads reserves the right to discontinue the service with any customer that it feels is not benefitting from the leads we are providing. This situation can manifest in several ways but is most often associated with a very high chargeback rate. ABCLeads strives to provide the best possible service we can but when most of the leads sent to a customer are subsequently returned, there is no point in continuing the service as it is not benefitting either seller or buyer.

Thank you for choosing ABCLeads!

Last updated 08/1/2016