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ABCLeads Annuity Lead Program FAQ

ABCLeads has been servicing financial advisors and insurance agents since 1999. We were one of the very first companies to generate annuity and insurance leads through the online medium. We have put together the below information in order to provide you with an understanding of what our program is and how it works. 

How the Leads Are Generated

ABCLead leverages a variety of advertising mediums to deploy targeted marketing that is designed to capture the attention of individuals that are thinking about purchasing an annuity or are interested in assistance with financial planning. These efforts include organic search, pay per click advertising, social media, targeted banners on web sites, radio and television ads among many other proven methods of generating annuity sales leads. We do not separate the leads by medium or advertising campaign for our agents but we internally track the sources for conversion and quality metrics. 

Our advertising is designed to touch an age group that is appropriate as well as being financially capable of an annuity investment.

Controlling Lead Volume

You can always set limits on the number of leads you receive across two metrics; by day and by week. You can cap the number per day, with a max per week. We cannot guarantee you will receive as many as you want due to demand from existing customers and the ebb and flow of our advertising, but you will never receive more than you want. You can always raise the cap or lower it at any time by logging into your account.

How the Areas Are Set

Our system is based upon the first three digits of the zip code system. You can add or drop areas at any time by logging into your account. We cannot break down the areas any differently than by the first three digits.

Paying for Your Leads

With ABCLeads you do not prepay for your leads, you are billed once per week on Wednesday for leads received during the previous seven days. You will be sent a detailed invoice after every billing and a credit card that you place on file will be charged for that amount. 

Information Provided with the Leads

Your leads will contain:

  • First & last name
  • Street address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip code
  • Phone number

We make every effort to gather the following fields, but we do not guarantee every lead will have all of this data. Many consumers are reluctant to convey the amount of money they have available at this juncture, are protective of their age for fear of being taken advantage of and hold back their email due to spam concerns.

  • Email address
  • Age
  • Investment amount

Expectations of Our Leads

The prospects that we generate are expecting information about investing in an annuity or in financial planning. The first step is to send the prospect information on the products and services that you offer. They will most likely be expecting you to send them information by regular mail or by email if you have it in electronic form. They may use terms such as “report” or “package” which should be met with your standard promotional products or additional information from providers such as “Annuity Rate Watch” or “Cannex Financial”.  This is an excellent opportunity to get your promotional products, including your contact information and credentials in front of them. Once you are sure they have received these materials, follow up with a phone call. 

We do not send information to the prospects as that can be detrimental to your relationship with them. The best approach is for you to send them your information and educational materials as you are most familiar with them, and they highlight what you are trying to sell.

Closing Ratios

Our agents experience a range of closing ratios which is dependent on their experience, how competitive their products are and their ability to engage the prospects. In addition the degree of wealth in the geographic areas you work can play a vital role.  We have super star closers that have been buying our leads for many years, steady producers that turn a good profit and even agents that are below average closers who just need that extra sale to make their quarterly sales quota. Bear in mind that 30 of our leads cost $1,800 which would be the commission earned on even one small sale.

Realistic Test of the Leads

It is unrealistic to truly get a sense of the value of the leads for you personally if you only work a handful. We have agents that will start the service with the pre-conceived notion of purchasing 5 leads then pausing to see the results. This is a waste of time and usually just causes frustration for you and us. We want you to be successful with our leads and are confident you will be but this is a sales product that has to be viewed in an overall context of ROI.

Lead Scrubbing

Our leads are scrubbed but in a very basic sense, and our pricing reflects that level. There are other lead companies that advertise “scrubbed leads” with minimum pricing of $200 to $300 each. Unless you are being sold an “appointment” the charge for verifying contact information is not worth the additional $200 average charge; it just isn't. If you do get a lead that has incorrect contact information simply log into your account and submit it for credit. 

Please note - we expect every lead to be followed up on. There may be times when you receive a lead and the initial investment amount is less than what you consider to be the minimum annuity you can sell. Often times individuals put a smaller number down as they are concerned about revealing the true amount they have to invest for security reasons. In addition, often times the number is incorrectly entered by them. It always pays to investigate and talk to the prospect. Go through our recommended routine of sending an informational packet and then following up with a call. If, after those efforts, the lead appears to be eligible for credit, then submit it.

This also applies to the stated age of the prospect. The age could be a data entry error, or its certainly possible despite advanced age they still need financial planning assistance that could prove lucrative for you. Please do not assume a lead does not represent a selling opportunity.

Program Commitment

There is none! You can stop the service immediately, and at any time day or night.

Ready to boost your sales? Then let us get you going with our annuity leads for agents and start closing more deals.