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Frequently Asked Questions

How much are the leads?
To view this information click here.

How are leads received?
All leads are instantly sent to your interface.

How many areas may I reserve?
You may reserve as many areas as are available. There is no cost associated with the number of areas. You may add or drop areas at anytime.

How are the areas reserved?
Areas are served by the first 3 digits of a zip code.

How many leads should I expect?
Generally speaking, volume is a direct result of the amount of area you select – the more three digit zip code boxes you select, the more leads you will receive. Predicting maximum volume is difficult due to many factors beyond our control, however, you can always select a lead limit that we will never exceed.

How fresh are the leads?
Our leads are sent directly to you.

How qualified are the prospects?
ABCLeads does not solicit prospects or use non-product oriented incentives to encourage completion of our forms. Our leads represent individuals that are contemplating the product or service you sell. However, it is important to note that there will be varying degrees of interest and varying degrees of readiness to purchase. Our service recognizes a prospect who may need periodic follow up for extended periods of time as a good and valuable lead.

Due to the immediacy of our service, you will receive the occasional bad lead. Here are the criteria when we will credit a lead:

  • Bad contact information (ie phone, email, address)
  • Duplicate lead from ABCLeads – not from another lead provider
  • Extreme Poor Health – Applicable for Long Term Care and Disability Insurance
  • Terminal Illness – Applicable for Long Term Care, Disability Insurance, Life Insurance
  • Income below $18,000/yr – Applicable for Disability Insurance

Is there a joining cost?
There is no setup fee.

Is there a time commitment?
No. You may quit at anytime.

Are there any fees?
There are no additional fees – just pay for the leads you receive.

How do I get started?
If your are interested in our service, please call 800-860-4996 or you can sign up online right now by clicking here.

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Ready to Sign Up?

During the signup process you may pick which areas you would like the leads from. Anything from multiple states to your local 3 digit zipcode. These are our live leads where you will get leads as they are filled out online. If you have any questions or concerns please give us a call at 1-800-860-4996.