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Credit Policy

Due to the immediacy of our service, you will receive the occasional bad lead. Here are the criteria when we will credit a lead:

Credit Policy Criteria

Bad contact information (ie phone, email, address)
Duplicate lead from ABCLeads – not from another lead provider
Extreme Poor Health – Applicable for Long Term Care and Disability Insurance
Terminal Illness – Applicable for Long Term Care, Disability Insurance, Life Insurance
Income below $18,000/yr – Applicable for Disability Insurance
*Investment amounts for Annuities below acceptable range

* Please note that ABCLeads will provide credit for an Annuity lead that is for an investment amount under $19,000 – However, in order to receive credit the prospect must be contacted and the investment amount verified. Very often a mistyped amount of 150,000 can show as 15,000.

Reporting a Bad Lead

With a live system, you will occasionally receive a bad lead. Most customers are understandably concerned about bad lead guidelines as well. It is important to understand that our prices are set based upon many factors, including the bad lead criteria. It is not possible to alter the bad lead criteria without examining the price as well.

The most common misconception clients have is reporting “No Response” as a Bad Lead. Please note loss of interest does not meet the bad lead criteria. To report a bad lead you must properly submit the lead for credit by clicking on “Report Lead XXXX as Bad”.

Once you click on “Report Lead XXXX as Bad” a pre-filled out form will appear. You need to fill in details concerning why the lead is bad.

When you return to your user interface you will see that the status of the lead has changed from Active to Under Review. If the lead is granted credit, the lead status will then change to Credited. If you submit a lead for credit, that you were never charged for, the status will be displayed as Credited-Never Charged. If you are denied credit, the status will be displayed as Active-Deemed Good. You can submit the lead for credit a second time if you have new information to provide. You will not be able to submit leads 30 days after date of generation.

Our goal is to address your bad lead submissions within 5 business days.
We encourage our customers not to report obviously bad leads. When we bill the leads are quickly scanned for this. Duplicates and obvious fake names are spotted and a $0.00 charge is put on the invoice. If for some reason we miss one, than submit it for credit and a credit memo will be issued.

a. Leads are instantly sent so you will occasionally receive bad leads.
b. You can submit the “bad” lead for credit right from your user interface.